Attention Investors

Finally revealed...

2 clicks.  
2 minutes (or less)...

Eliminate uncertainty, worry, and frustration about your investments... just two clicks of your mouse.

You've put money back. You're proud of that. You don't want to make any mistakes. Now you're looking for a simple way to be absolutely sure...

You’ve thought about hiring (yet another) financial advisor.
But you’re not super excited about sitting through thinly disguised sales presentations explaining why the investments they pick are better than the investments everybody else picks... especially when there's not much talk about how much you'll really be paying in costs and fees.
You’ve thought about buying (yet another) financial newsletter.
But you’re not super excited about sifting through long lists of stocks or mutual funds every month and wondering which ones you're supposed to buy because you put all your money in the stocks or mutual funds they recommended in the newsletter LAST month.
You’ve thought you should "leave it to the pros" & just trust.
But you’re not super excited about trusting the pros again, especially after seeing your account value drop like a rock during the last crash and all you were told was "Just hold on, the market always comes back..." (and you know people who STILL haven't recovered).

You want your money to grow & you want to keep your gains — without being in “market watcher” mode all day long (you've got better things to do)...

Here’s a crazy question for you:

what if you stopped wondering & worrying — and started getting real results with your money instead?

Sound too good to be true?
Hang tight. You're about to see exactly how.

Here’s the deal with investing in 2022 and beyond.

People don’t want to hear about the next hot stock or 'must-have' mutual fund. We're all a little bit overwhelmed with investment noise these days.
We're not interested in sitting in front of the computer for hour after hour. Who really want to day-trade or ride the money roller-coaster? (Not too many!) 
People want easy answers to their questions, easy solutions to their problems, and easy shortcuts to their financial goals…
..and that’s where the "2 Click Checkup Mini Workshop" comes in.
You'll learn a quick & easy skill in less than 51 minutes of your time. 

Then you can eliminate uncertainty, worry, & frustration from all your current investments.

You'll know exactly what to do and when to do it.
And the best part is: you can use it with any type of investment.


2 click mini workshop


step #1

Complete your Mini Workshop. Learn how to do a "2-click checkup". Leave with an easy way to check on each of your investments.

step #2

Go to a free website to set things up (exactly like you learned in your Mini Workshop). Then, you'll click your mouse twice. 

step #3

Rinse and repeat with each of your investment holdings. You'll have clear, no BS directions on exactly what to do, and exactly when to do it.  Eliminate uncertainty, worry and frustration from your investments.

When you use simple rules and simple tools, the world of investments becomes a total no-brainer.

with the '2-click checkup' working for you 24/7, you can spend less time wondering & worrying about your investments — and more time doing what you love.


2-click checkup mini workshop magic

Pay yourself by easily getting better results from your investments...
...then use our proven system to make sure you keep more of those gains in your account.

Here’s everything that’s included:

“2-click Checkup” Training (value $197)
“Free Website Tools” Training (value $197)
Q&A Session Recordings (value $197)
BONUS #1: Workshop Tech Walkthrough (value $97)
BONUS #2: "2-Click Checkup" Cheatsheet (value $27)
BONUS #3: The Unbeatable Index (value $97)
Total Value: $812
Today's price: just $27

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover during the 2 Click Checkup Mini Workshop

(that's a tongue twister)


Simple Rules


  •  How the 2 click checkup tells you everything you need to know about each one of your investments in a couple of minutes (or less). 

  •  Why you don't have to change financial advisors or move your accounts to use the 2 click checkup and get better results with your money.

  •  Why spending less time on your investments can get you better results than you've ever had before (...whether you're a low-fee "do-it-yourselfer" or you hired the highest-priced financial advisor in town).

  •  Why almost ALL financial news should be completely ignored... and how the 2 click checkup will help you sleep at night without worry.

  •  How you'll use a ridiculously simple rule that's been proven over (fill in the blank) _ _ _ _ _ _ _'s of years (you'll learn how long this has been working in the workshop)


Simple Tools


  •  The FREE website you'll use to easily check on each one of your investments in just 2 clicks of your mouse (and in less than 2 minutes).

  •  Two simple ways you can use FREE websites to track your entire portfolio if you want to... again, in just a couple of clicks.

  •  The Instant Implementation Process you'll learn to make sure your 2-click checkup is super-easy to use (which means you'll use it!)

  •  The “spare parachute” hack you can use to verify your 2 click checkup results (this also improves your confidence and peace of mind, which has a huge impact on your long-term results)

  •  Exactly where to focus [and what to ignore] so you'll never let irrelevant fluff get in the way and stress you out (sometimes this is the hardest part because these websites put LOADS OF DISTRACTIONS to try and get you off track).
The basics of everything needed for you to know exactly what to do (and when to do it) with every one of your investments. No more wondering, worrying, or guessing.
What about the actual nuts-and-bolts of using the 2 click checkup?

When you’re a big-picture visionary, sometimes it’s the little stuff that trips you up (like “how do I do that again?” or “which part should I ignore?”).

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

bonus #1

Workshop Tech Walkthrough
Follow this simple step-by-step process to guarantee that your 2 click checkups run smoothly and you get the best results in the least amount of time (no more “uhhh... hmmm... what do I do now???”).

bonus #2

2 Click Checkup Cheatsheet
Print off this 4-color cheatsheet and keep it handy to help you remember exactly what do to (and exactly what to ignore) to get your best results.  There’s no complicated  "E=MC2" formulas or heavy-duty crapola to remember.

bonus #3

"The Unbeatable Index"
If you could go to Las Vegas and KNOW that you would win 85% to 90% of the time... how often would you go? The financial services industry DOES NOT want you to know this simple secret. (EXTRA BONUS: Exactly how you can even use this with your financial advisor as long as they have your  best interest at heart).

When you use the 2 click checkup, your investments become a no-brainer. You can finally focus on what you really enjoy doing while your money does what it's supposed to do: Work for you and keep growing!

You'll love the 2 Click Mini Workshop because it will transform your investing  for the better (with no hassle and zero headaches) 

Hey, I'm Paul

Several years ago, my financial planning practice was thriving, but I was not. Most days, I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel. Sure, I was getting lots of exercise, but I was going nowhere fast.
A big part of each day was spent performing "compliance" duties (These were supposed to make sure no client was ever taken advantage of, but in reality it seemed like a good cover for regulatory agencies. They could say "See, we're protecting you!" Meanwhile, can you say "Bernie Madoff"? Ooops).
On top of that, most mandatory "training sessions" spent way more time on how to sell, and NOT how to serve our clients. Sell the latest and greatest new mutual fund. Sell the newest bond offering. Sell whatever made money for the company (and, yes, for me too). Sadly, the customer was the last person who was considered. The big focus was on the "story" to tell (and sell) the customer, not on what really worked best for them.
My goal? Find a better way. But this was heavily discouraged. The status quo in the financial world is "buy and hold". Anything else takes too much time away from selling more stuff, you see.
Meanwhile, I kept getting in trouble. Here's an example: One client wanted a growth mutual fund, so my research pointed to a no-load fund with a great track record. And that's what I sold him. My supervisor called the next day. His message? "Don't sell anymore no-load funds, you need to sell sell our high-commission load funds so we'll make more money."
Don't get me wrong, I sold plenty of high-commission products... but that doesn't mean I feel good about it now. In fact, the more I learned about what really works - and what doesn't - the more I wanted to teach people about simple rules and simple tools. So I finally closed my office and now, after all these years, I founded so that...
YOU can learn simple rules & simple tools to master your investments. Whether you use a financial advisor or you handle things on your own, you can get better results by using simple rules & simple tools.
If you’re sick of confusing & contradictory advice from mainstream money ideas…
Tired of roller-coaster returns…
Ready to build wealth, have confidence, and be happy and proud of your nest egg…
Then it’s time for you to become a customer of Winstreet Press right now.

Meet Winstreet Press

The way most people go about investing in the stock market is… well, crazy. Investment Gurus, newsletters, fancy financial advisor wizards... but not one of these really gets the results you want - it's crazy! But it doesn't have to be crazy anymore...
Sometimes the stock market is your only choice, like with the 401(k) at your workplace. Either you put your 401(k) money into the mutual funds in the plan... or you have to put it in the "safe" account where you're guaranteed to lose buying power after inflation.
Many times, those are your only choices for your 401(k) account. So you get a list of funds in the 401(k) and you choose the one with the biggest return.
Or maybe you choose the "Target" portfolio for your targeted retirement date. Or maybe you spread your money out between several funds... because the brochure talks about "diversification."
Outside your retirement accounts (401k, IRA, 403b, etc), the stock market seems like the best choice to help your nest egg grow. Which makes some sense because the stock market has beaten most other types of investments over the last 100 years or so.
So you buy a newsletter or read a financial magazine. And you buy some stock or mutual fund thingy that sounded good to you. No matter the situation, the majority of investors never have any real direction. And it's not because the stock market is “rigged." It’s not. And it's not because there aren’t any simple paths to building wealth in the stock market. There are.
But there IS good news: Using Simple Rules, Simple Tools™ investors just like you can WIN.
All our publications and training programs are focused on helping you to be a confident investor with a clear path to success... (with or without a financial advisor)
...all without spending hours sifting through long lists of stocks
...or loads of mutual fund data
...or reading some huge prospectus.
If you’re sick of confusing & contradictory advice from mainstream money ideas…
Tired of roller-coaster returns…
Ready to build wealth, have confidence, and be happy and proud of your nest egg…
Then it’s time for you to become a customer of Winstreet Press right now.

2 click mini workshop magic

#1) Pay yourself by easily getting better results from your investments...
#2) Then use our proven system to make sure you keep more of those gains in your account.

Here’s everything that’s included:

“2-click Checkup” Training (value $197)
“ Simple Tools” Training (value $197)
Q&A Session Recordings  (value $197)
BONUS #1: Workshop Tech Walkthrough (value $97)
BONUS #2: 2-Click Checkup  Cheatsheet (value $27)
BONUS #3: The "Unbeatable Index" (value $97)
Total Value: $812
Today's price: just $27

When you walk away from the 2 click Mini Workshop, you’ll know exactly how to…

Validate whether or not your investments are where they need to be right now with just 2 clicks and in 2 minutes (or less).
Make sure you never waste time on irrelevant, unnecessary, & silly gobbledygook designed solely to confuse you. 
Know exactly what to do - and when to do it - with each and every one of your investment holdings.
Use your cheat sheet to stay on track and not get distracted from the proven systems that get proven results.
Simplify - and easily track - your investment holdings so you can get better results with less headache and hassle.


2 click checkup mini workshop magic

Pay yourself by easily getting better results from your investments...
...then use our proven system to make sure you keep more of those gains in your account.

Here’s everything that’s included:

“2-click Checkup” Training (value $197)
“Simple Tools” Training (value $197)
Q&A Session Recordings (value $197)
BONUS #1: Workshop Tech Walkthrough (value $97)
BONUS #2: 2-Click Checkup Cheatsheet (value $27)
BONUS #3: The Unbeatable Index (value $97)
Total Value: $812
Today's price: just $27

Still have questions? We’ve got answers…

Will I need to buy special software programs or tools?

Nope! You'll learn how to use FREE websites for the 2 Click Checkup system. The system is much easier to use on a desktop or a laptop, but you can even do 2 click checkups using your phone too.

I'm just getting started with investing. Will this still work for me?

Absolutely! In fact, when you combine the 2-click checkup with Bonus #3 - The Unbeatable Index, you'll be able to build a proven, long-term growth portfolio that has beaten most of the professional money managers out there decade after decade... and you'll pay next to zero in fees.

Please be real - how much time will it take to use the 2-click checkup?

Here's the reality: Once you set up the 2-click checkup system on your desktop, laptop, or phone it takes 2 clicks. The most difficult part is getting in the habit and remembering to click twice and look for a minute or two for each investment. New habits take repetition, so you'll need to repeat this action until it's second nature for you. AND you have to IGNORE most of the distractions that won't help you in the long run. Rinse and repeat, that's the key.

Does this only work with 401(k) accounts and IRAs?

Nope - it works with all types of accounts. The 2-click checkup system works with any stock, mutual fund, ETF, and even cryptocurrency or precious metals. This includes all the investments that can be held in an IRA or 401(k) or other type of retirement account.

I use a financial advisor - how are they going to feel about this?

The vast majority of financial advisors are NOT going to like this. Why? Because the status quo in the industry is "buy and hold". Any system designed to protect gains involves getting out of the market from time to time (if you don't want to get run over, you have to pull off the road!). But that means you take money out of the financial industry's pocket. That being said, there are some financial advisors who will follow your directions. It is your money after all!

Will the mini-workshop show us which stocks to buy?

Nope, there is no investment advice offered or intended from this mini-workshop. There are plenty of places that want to tell you what hot stock to buy. This workshop is designed to help you no matter what investments you have. However, in Bonus #3 "The Unbeatable Index", you'll learn about a low-cost way to have a completely diversified growth portfolio that consistently beats 85% to 95% of professional money mangers... with almost zero cost or fees (in fact, in some cases there may be zero fees!) 

I've always had a financial advisor handle things for me. Why would I need this?

Chances are, if you're reading this page you've at least had SOME curiosity whether your investments are in the right place in today's market. The 2-click checkup gives you a proven & validated way to 1) Give yourself a second opinion on each one of your investments, and 2) Give you a topic for discussion with your advisor when it looks like something needs to be changed. As a former President once said when discussing military planning "Trust, but verify."

So yeah, you guessed it: this is basically a workshop about winning with investments.

Once you take the workshop, you'll see how all types of investors can consistently gain more freedom with simple rules & simple tools™ working for them.
Freedom to break the financial service industry's stranglehold and shatter the 'illusion of skill" promoted by Wall Street
Freedom to stop spending too much valuable time on investments that are supposed to be working for THEM. 
Freedom to get paid by getting better results, and then keep more of those gains in their accounts.
And we want that for you, too.
You deserve to WIN!
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