The way most people go about investing in the stock market is… well, crazy.

But it doesn't have to be crazy anymore... Keep reading to find out why.

Sometimes the stock market is your only choice, like with the 401(k) at your workplace. 

Either you put your 401(k) money into the mutual funds in the plan...

Or you put it in a safe account that pays just about nothing these days. 

Many times, those are your only choices.

You get a list of funds in the 401(k) and you choose the one with the biggest return. 

Or maybe you choose the "Target" portfolio for your targeted retirement date. 

Or maybe you spread your money out between several funds because the brochure talks about "diversification." 

Here's the crazy part... none of the brochures or advisors or gurus talk about the most important part (***SEE BELOW***). 

Outside your retirement accounts (401k, IRA, 403b, etc), the stock market seems like the best choice to help your nest egg grow. Which makes sense because the stock market has beaten most other types of investments over the last 

So you buy a newsletter or read a financial magazine. And you buy some stock or mutual fund thing that sounded good to you.

No matter the situation, the majority of investors never have any real direction.

And it's not because the stock market is “rigged."

It’s not.

And it's not because there aren’t any simple paths to building wealth in the stock market.

There are.

In reality, there’s never been a simpler, cheaper, or better time to invest in the stock market.

So why do investors still struggle?

It’s because investors are still spoon fed the same old typical Wall Street message that hasn’t worked in decades…

It's because investors rely on whatever propaganda the huge financial brands are pumping into the marketplace each month. 

And investors are never, ever given the whole story. They are never told the most important part about investing.

Our Founder, Paul Andrew, found out the hard way about how Wall Street sells its wares to trusting investors.

From 1992 until 2018, he was a willing participant in the Wall Street machine. 

He was taught - and used - many of the Wall Street techniques Winstreet Press customers now learn how to avoid.

The typical Wall Street approach not a great way to build long-term wealth anymore. 

In fact… it’s more like a guaranteed way to end up with less money.

But there IS good news: Using Simple Rules, Simple Tools™ the average investor (just like you) can win.

The idea for Winstreet Press germinated decades ago. Finally founded in 2019, Winstreet Press is an independent financial publisher unlike any other.

Our focus?

Find, publish, and teach simple and proven ways to grow wealth (and keep more wealth in your pockets...).

WAY more wealth.

Our Simple Rules, Simple Tools™ approach to building wealth has guided the creation of powerful teaching tools that any investor can use to get better results and truly outsized returns.

Any contributor is charged with helping investors (like you) to WIN…

We work to uncover the very best ways to:
*Save Time
*Build Wealth
*Know What To Do (and when to do it)
*Simplify, Simplify, Simplify
*...and the most important part: ***AVOID LOSSES!***

All our publications and training programs are focused on helping you to be a confident investor with a clear path to success... 

...all without spending hours sifting through long lists of stocks

...or loads of mutual fund data 

...or reading a huge prospectus. 

If you’re sick of confusing & contradictory advice from mainstream money ideas… 

Tired of roller-coaster returns… 

Ready to build wealth, have confidence, and be happy and proud of your nest egg… 

Then it’s time for you to become a customer of Winstreet Press right now.

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